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House Painters in Inner West District Sydney

Inner West Painters is the most reliable house painters in Inner West District Sydney and offers high-quality interior and exterior painting. Homeowners that are looking for residential Inner West Painters have a challenge on their hands. Painting is a professional service and as such, customer satisfaction depends mostly on the service provider of choice. It is not about putting the paint on the surface, not even about how good the painters are. The paint job has to look good and that’s a given but the smart consumer wants the house painter to manage the entire experience. It should all start with the first phone call and the estimate. Expectations need to be clear, right from the start. The customer and the contractor should always be on the same page and all concerns should be answered before the job even starts.

Residential Painting Services Offered By Inner West Painters

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Interior Painting Services

Paint and coatings technology have come a long way. Flats are more washable and glossy finishes are odourless. The colour and interior decor industry is blooming with exciting decor ideas. Homeowners follow decorating blogs and frequent social media sites for inspiration. If that is not enough, professional colour help is widely accessible. Colour consultants can turn the client’s inspiration into beautiful living spaces. There are even decorative finishes for adventurous homeowners.

As a professional painter in Inner West District, we know that preparation is the key to a paint job. Surfaces must be clean and dust free. A good interior painting job includes patching & sanding of cracks, holes and imperfections. Covering and masking will protect the customer’s property and valuables. The quality of paint is important for many reasons. Good paint has low odour, is more washable and it looks better. Using top quality paint is a wise financial decision.

Exterior House Painting Services

Coming home to a freshly painted exterior is an amazing feeling. Curb appeal is important to Inner West residents. Beautiful homes in different styles are in every neighbourhood.  How important is curb appeal and home maintenance? Pride of ownership aside, a well maintained home is money well spent.

How do you make your exterior paint last longer? By hiring Inner West Painters, the best house painters in Inner West District Sydney and using the best paint.

Residential Painters in Inner West District Sydney
House Painters in Inner West District Sydney


Interior Painters in Inner West District Sydney

Interior Painting Inner West District Sydney

Residential Painting Inner West District Sydney

Exterior Painters in Inner West District Sydney

Interior Painting in Inner West District Sydney

Exterior Painters in Inner West District Sydney


"Daniel remembered exactly what we talked about. I couldn't believe how quickly they finished it all. It was painless procedure. They were really helpful and they didn't bother me and they were fantastic."
Jacki, Baulkham Hills
"They respected the property and the people within the property. The overall job we are very happy with and have no problems highly recommending this company to anybody who needs a professional painting job completed."
Colette, Bella Vista
"The job was great. No complaints with the final finish."
JK, Dural
"Just the most wonderful company I have ever dealt with. Their quality of work, professionalism is just outstanding."
Yvonne Butler, Castle Hill
"Daniel is an excellent painter. He has completed a difficult painting project on a block of units in coogee for me and I was thrilled with his professional service. The work was done for a fair price - I would recommend his services to anyone.”
Steve, Coogee